My Own Quilting Retreat

Quick update. I went to visit my parents this weekend to 1. Quilt and 2. See my dad and give him his Father’s Day gift. I pretty much spent the ENTIRE weekend quilting, although we did take a break to eat and watch some TV with Dad. Best weekend ever!

Future plans: The entire family will quit our jobs and open a quilt shop/auto body repair shop/auto shop/whatever else we want. My mom, aunt, and I are going to quilt. My sister will do marketing. My cousin will do accounting. Dad and my uncle will repair sewing machines and vehicles. My other cousin will take care of the auto body part. And there are tons of other roles for the rest of our family. It’s our dream, but unlikely since none of us can quit or jobs.

Quit and Quilt…different by one letter.

Pictures of this weekend coming soon. Expect a baby quilt, mini log cabin quilts, and some other fun stuff.

  1. Val’s avatar

    I will support your business by taking quilting lessons. 🙂


    1. llatham0306’s avatar

      Yay! Our first customer!



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