My Turn: KC Scrappy Bee

[Note: For Scrappy Bee folks, scroll down near the bottom for instructions.]

part of the KC Scrappy Bee and December is my month to provide fabric and a block pattern. The pattern is wonky crosses and I chose a shot cotton for the base fabric. The idea of the scrappy bee is that you’ll provide the pattern/idea and a base fabric and then everybody in the bee completes a block for you using the base fabric and scraps from their own scrap bins. It’s a great way to get a lot of unique blocks.

Scrappy Bee Assembly

For the blocks, I provided one 8.5″ square and two 4″ x 13″ strips of the blue shot cotton, which is enough fabric to make two blocks. The idea is that the other members will use either the square or the strips for the block and then use their own scraps for the rest of the block.

For example:

Wonky Cross Block

I used the 8.5″ square here and then strips of my own scrap fabric for the cross.

Wonky Cross Block

And here I used my own scrap fabric for the 8.5″ square and then the base fabric for the cross. Apparently I have a lot of green in my scrap bin, but I want any and every color.

The members are only required to make one block, but I provided enough fabric for two so they can decide which block they want to do. Or they can do two if they have the scraps and the time.

Scrappy Bee Packets

The packets are all ready to go. I’m going to hand them out at the KC Modern Quilt Guild meeting this week. They have until the January meeting to return the completed blocks to me. I’m super excited for this quilt. My mom and aunt also agreed to do some blocks for me. And the best part is how cheap this quilt is going to be. I bought the shot cotton from Bon Bon Atelier while all of their fabric was 15% off. And I only needed two years. Plus, I’m part of their Constant Crafter program and my card had filled up, so I got a free yard of fabric. Meaning…I got the the two yards for around $5-$6. Amazing, right?

Ok…so for the instructions. This was also included in the packets


Lesley’s Scrappy Bee Block

December 2012

Wonky Cross Block

I’ve provided an 8.5” square and two 4”x13” strips. Please use either the square or the strips (Or use both if you want to make me two blocks.) as one of the fabrics in your block. For the other fabric in the block, please use your own solid or print scraps.

There’s a tutorial if you go to the link below. The pictures on the tutorial are particularly helpful.  I’ll post the link on the blog, too.

Here are my instructions:

  1. Lay the 8.5” square (either the one I provided or one from your scraps) on your cutting mat and make a wonky vertical cut. Use your ruler because you’ll want it to be a straight cut.
  2. Separate the two pieces.
  3. If you want, cut down one of the contrasting strips to any width. I definitely do NOT want them all to be 4” widths.  (Note: So, just to clarify, if you used your own fabric for the 8.5” square, use the strips I provided. If you used the 8.5” square I provided, use your own fabric for the strips.)
  4. Place the strip between the two pieces and sew each piece to one side of the strip.
  5. Lay the block on your cutting mat and make a wonky horizontal cut using your ruler. You will cut perpendicular to the strip you just sewed.
  6. Separate the two pieces.
  7. If you want, cut down the second contrasting strip to any width.
  8. Place the strip between the two pieces and sew each piece to one side of the strip. This is a little tricky because you have to try to line up the strip that you cut across. But don’t worry about it too much…I definitely do not mind if it’s a little off since that will add even more to the wonkiness.
  9. Square up the block to 8.5” x 8.5”. (If you don’t want to square it up, that’s fine. I can square it up myself.)

If you have any questions, please email me at or call/text me at 785-424-4313.

Wonky Cross Blocks


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