Negativity Followed by Goodies

It’s been a shitty week. Actually, shitty is putting it nicely. I’m consider myself (normally) a pretty positive person, but it’s been hard this week. I’m trying terribly hard, but it rough. I wish I could tell you more why, but that will have to be saved for later. However, one thing that made it even worse was my sewing machine broke. 🙁

Bad Day Cat Pic

I wanted to cry. I was quilting away on the NYB quilt and probably would’ve had it finished by now. All of a sudden, the quilt was feeding through the machine. My feed dogs were down…but they weren’t all the way down. I was very confused. I hadn’t put them down. The lever was fully in the up position, so I was really confused. I tried to move it to the down position with the plan to move it back to the up position to see if that would solve the problem, but it definitely didn’t. I could barely get the lever to move. I was afraid I was going to break it. It’s never been that hard to move before, so I knew something was wrong. Finally, I got it moved into the down position and the feed dogs dropped completely down where they should be for that position. When I tried moving it back up, the lever went back up really easily, but the feed dogs did not move. I fiddled around with it for a bit and gave up.

Bad Day Cat

(I just want to say. Thank the stars for cats and the internet. I’m feeling better already.) Luckily (I thought), my machine broke before JoAnn’s closed, which is where I bought it from and it’s still under warranty. I rushed to JoAnn’s and called on the way to make sure I could drop it off. The lady told me that the sewing center was closed for the day, but I could drop it off with a note. By the way, this was the first time I had ever heard about the whole Husqvarna Viking/JoAnn relationship. Apparently, Husqvarna Viking rents out spaces in some JoAnn stores to sell machines. However, you make the purchase from JoAnn (meaning you get at receipt for JoAnn), but JoAnn really has nothing to do with them besides collecting rent. Therefore, when I got there, they told me I could not leave my machine because it’s a liability. Husqvarna Viking also works limited hours…FYI. It makes it pretty inconvenient to take it in during the week. So, I drove the 20 minutes to find out I had to turn around and go home WITH my machine.

Bad Day Cat

When I called JoAnn customer service the next day, they were not sympathetic AT ALL. I asked why they 1. don’t tell people about their relationship with Husqvarna Viking when a sewing machine is purchased and 2. don’t have better protocol for handling machine situations after Husqvarna Viking hours. (Like storing it in a locked cabinet and having me sign a waiver.) The customer service woman very rudely told me that “They do not have anything to do with Husqvarna Viking. They are not affiliated with them.” Ummm??? I’m pretty sure if you rent out a space in your store to somebody, you definitely do HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THEM! In this whole experience, I never was very upset with Husqvarna Viking. I was upset with JoAnn. Their brand was hurt WAY MORE in my eyes than Husqvarna Viking’s brand was.

Bad Day Poster

(Poster from Olive Sandwiches.) Ok, so I definitely did not garden, do yoga, take a bubble bath, or medicate myself, but I think you get the point.

After getting zero help from customer service, I went to Twitter. Oh, the power of social media! The lovely social media woman was very sympathetic and encouraged me to email me what had happened and she would pass it on to her education team. I’m sure nothing will happen, but it made me feel better. I ended up taking my machine to a store that repairs Singer machines under warranty. They said it would take 5-10 days before it’s ready. I’m thinking about renting a machine for the weekend since I have quite a bit I want to work on.

Bad Day Good Day Rings

Oh Happy Day/Oh Crappy Day Rings from an Etsy seller.

OK! Onto more positive things. The reason I might rent a machine is that I have quite a bit I want to finish before the NCK Free Fair.

NCK Free Fair Book

My family always enters quite a bit into the textile shows. I won $20 last year!

I’m also getting an early start on presents for Christmas, birthdays, events, etc.

Robe Pattern and Fabric

The robes are just one of those projects.

Vintage Vogue Robe Pattern

The pattern is vintage and I bought it from Miss Betty’s Attic on Etsy.

Robe Fabric

The silky fabric for the robes was purchased from JoAnn before the whole sewing machine debacle. I’ll be shopping quite a bit less at JoAnn now, although I won’t be able to quit entirely. It’s too convenient and cheap, but I’m making an effort to only buy certain things like muslin and notions from there.

Voile and Shot Cotton

I made a scarf from the exact same voile and shot cotton for a friend’s birthday. I loved it so much, I knew I had to make one for myself. I got the aqua shot cotton from Bon Bon Atelier, so I just want back and got some more. The voile was a little harder to track down. I had quite a time getting it. The first time I ordered cotton instead of voile. Oop! But the cotton is gorgeous, so I wasn’t too upset. I was more careful the second time and ordered the right fabric.

More Fabric

The jelly roll is from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I am almost out of my first jelly roll. I use the strips a lot for binding. Bon Bon is doing a great job of getting me in their store to buy stuff. Actually, it’s not really that hard since I LOVE IT! The bottom fabric was purchased there. Then they ran a 30% off flash sale and I couldn’t resist.

Dress Fabric

I bought those fabrics to make into some sort of clothing…probably more dresses. I think I’m done purchasing fabric for awhile. I don’t have room for these or the silky ones on my shelves. I think it’s time for a reorganization of my quilting closet. That’s a good problem to have, though.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I know mine will definitely be an improvement over this week. 🙂

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    Too bad about JoAnn’s. I hope your weekend is better!



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