Neon Pillows

I have to apologize. I’ve had posts waiting to be written for days, but it’s been just a little hectic around here. One of my team members at work is transitioning to a new role and until we have a for-sure associate taking her place, a lot of the work is falling on my shoulders. I’m not complaining at all! I promise! I like being busy, but it has kept me from blogging. Not quilting though!

I thought I was in a funk and maybe I was, but after this last weekend, I definitely don’t think that now.

Neon Pillows


On Friday night, I made two pillows. I’m pretty freaking proud of them. I’ll tell you why, but first:

WARNING. The neon fabric from Michael Miller is kind of crap. It’s rough and feels like I purchased it from the worst possible Joann’s bolt. I tried to wash it to make it better, but that just ruined all of my neon yellow. Yup…ruined! It’s now a sunny yellow. I washed all of the neons in cold water with two color catchers. I guess the orange or the pink or both bled onto the yellow. I was pretty freaking pissed. I still am angry. Now I’m stalled on these projects until I can get more yellow…which I won’t be washing. So as cool as neon is and as much as I want to use it in EVERYTHING, I won’t be ordering any more after this. In fact, I’ll probably boycott Michael Miller for awhile just because I’m angry that they didn’t live up to their typical quality standards. I just assume that if it’s Michael Miller, it doesn’t feel like crap. I probably won’t assume that for a while.

Anyway, these pillows are awesome because it’s the first time I’ve ever done piping and the first time I’ve ever finished a pillow with a zipper!


I LOVE the piping. It was really easy, too. I found a bunch of different tutorials, read them all, and then did it on my own. A bunch of them are pinned on my Sewing Pinterest Board. I used my zipper foot and it worked really well. A couple of the tutorials suggested to sew the cord in the fabric with the seam a little farther away so when you sew the piping between the layers, you can get really close to the cord and the seam doesn’t show. I DEFINITELY recommend that. Also, bias. Everybody said to use bias and I did and it really helped on the corners.

I apologize for the pillow photos…you will see a slight zebra print behind all of the fabrics. The reason for that is that I din’t have any pillow forms yet, so the zebra pillows from our living room couch had to do.

Pillow Zipper


Isn’t the zipper pretty?? I also read a bunch of different tutorials on how to put zippers in to finish a pillow and then went from there. It’s REALLY easy, too, and it looks so professionally finished.

Neon Pillow


Cool, huh?

Neon Pillow


the idea for the HST pillow came from an Etsy listing. The idea for the piping came from a blog called Number Four Eleven.

I have four more pillows to make. I’m not sure on the design for the last three, but I have one other in the works.

Neon Pillow


Andrew bought me the neon thread when he was in New York at Purl Soho. I’m putting it to good use. This idea also came from an Etsy listing.

I’m definitely out of ideas for now, but I’m excited to look around Pinterest, Etsy, Instagram, etc. to find inspiration for the last three pillows.


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