New Fabric Always Makes for a Good Time

I’ve made a few fun purchases recently.

Mini Charm Packs


I took advantage of the free shipping Missouri Star had as one of their daily deals. The scissors and floss are going to go into a present for a friend.

The mini charm packs are for me because I can’t resist something that cute!

Woven Fabric


While I was in Lawrence working on The Local Quilt, I had to take advantage of the situation and visit Sarah’s. My favorite part of her store is the shot cottons…and the cross weaves are right there next to them. I must be on a blue kick. There are two cross weaves and the top is a shot cotton. They feel so nice! The cross weaves are so heavy!

I also broke down and FINALLY purchased the Wiksten Tank and Tova patterns. So many people are making such cute things with those patterns that I couldn’t resist any longer.

I haven’t purchased much recently besides thread and some other necessities, so it was nice to have some fun stuff.


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