New Man Cave Furniture

Andrew had been on this kick to redecorate the man cave. He wants to get rid of the desk and put in a bar and standing desk. He also wanted different seating or to improve the seating we have currently.

We knew we were going to do this in lieu of a vacation, but we didn’t really a time. We needed to get rid of some furniture first. However, Nebraska Furniture Mart sent us special financing in the mail along with a discount and we took advantage of it.

We spent A LONG time in that store and nothing was popping out at us. That store really caters to the Midwest crowd and not in a good way. There this tiny little modern section where modern basically means leather. And we are not buying leather again, especially for that room since it gets hot.

We decided to get rid of our sleeper sofa because we both hate it with a passion. It’s big, black, leather, ugly, and uncomfortable both to sit in and sleep on.

We had THE WORST time finding a sofa/sectional that wasn’t AWFUL. Either the design/style was awful or the fabric was awful. Finally, in the modern section, we found a sofa we liked…but it wasn’t comfortable.

Sofa We Like But Sucks to Sit On

Then we found another in the modern section. Andrew liked it and we could get it in the fabric from the above sofa. However, I was pretty skeptical on the style of it.

Sofa Andrew Liked But I Thought Looked Poofy

Finally, we found a sectional we liked in the modern section and it came in the fabric from the first sofa.

The Sofa We Bought

Keep in mind that it’s in the dark gray fabric form the first sofa and we have more pieces than that. We bought the right corner seat, the left corner seat, the armless chair and another corner seat. I pulled that right off of our order, so I have no idea what that means. Basically, we will have a left piece with an arm, a corner seat, and then an armless seat, and then the right piece with an arm. Does that make sense? Probably not.

Then I wanted an accent chair to bring some color into the room. We found one we both liked. We liked the style and the fabric, but the fabric really didn’t go with the room. Well, it would’ve gone with the room, but we just bought some really awesome art that it wouldn’t go with.

Chair We Like But Can’t Have

And here’s the art we bought.



See why it won’t work?

Anyway, so then we liked this chair. So we bought it…at like 9pm on the dot when the store was closing. We definitely didn’t make it out of there until like 9:10pm, but the people were OK with that.

The Chair We Bought


The furniture isn’t getting delivered until April since we custom ordered the sectional. In the meantime, we’re going to work on some Spring cleaning. We’ve already started, too. The closet for that room is complete cleaned out including new storage drawers. We’ve ordered a standing desk and I have a bar cabinet picked out. We’ll have to find new end tables. And we need to start getting all of our records and papers cleaned up/organized/scanned to an external hard drive.

I’ve moved a piece of abandoned furniture into my sewing room.


It’s fabulous storage. I’ve put in-progress projects in it instead of on top of my cutting mat. Now I don’t have to move them every time I need to cut something.

Between all of the new furniture and reorganization, it’s going to be an interesting Spring.

  1. Kim’s avatar

    I love how you separated the furniture – cute but sucks to sit on. It is SO true!! And you have to lay on it too – that’s important too. Glad you got more space for your stuff in the reorganization process. Adequate storage is an ongoing life goal.


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