New York Beauty QAL: Block 7

Even though I said it wouldn’t happen, I am behind a week. However, I have great intentions to get caught up this week. I finished this week’s block last night and I’m planning on finishing last week’s block (#8) tonight.

NYB Block 7I really love how they look together. I think when the blocks are complete, I’ll line them up so they don’t form perfect circles.

NYB Blocks

I love how the black forms an apple core. I had them lined up to form the perfect circle and I did not care for the different sized quarter circles in the middle. Of course, I may (and probably will) change my mind when the blocks are complete. For now, I am just glad they they are (almost) all the same size. <—minor trimming required


  1. Sharon B’s avatar

    They look amazing!


    1. Joni’s avatar

      I love the colors you chose.



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