New York Beauty QAL: Block 0

I’ve joined the New York Beauty QAL. Why? Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE paper piecing. Plus, it will be a great way to use up some of my stash. I could have used it to use up some of my scraps, but I wanted everything to be really matchy matchy. I might go back later and use my scraps. I am not making four of each block to make the full circle…that requires too much matchy matchy fabric. Plus, I do not need to make a full quilt.

New York Beauty Block 0

This picture is extremely yellow. The block is yellow and gray, even though the grays look green. I’ll get better pictures next time.

New York Beauty Block 0

Most of the fabric is from a fat quarter bundle that I purchased at JoAnn Fabrics quite a while ago. There are a couple that are very poor quality, but most of the others don’t feel too bad.

This was my first EVER attempt at curves and I am proud to say that it turned out extraordinarily well. Everybody says pin, pin, and then pin some more. And that is exactly what I did.

My goal is to not fall behind in this QAL and I think since it’s only one block ever week or so, I should be able to meet that goal.

  1. Kathy’s avatar

    Hi, I would like to make the same patterns BUT, I hate paper piecing. Can you give me incouragement to at least get started. yikes!!!!! Kathy


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      You hate paper piecing! I love it because there’s a line to sew on! I don’t have to worry about seam allowances. 🙂 What do you not like about it?



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