New York Beauty QAL: Block 1

I’m still keeping up! This block did not come together as smoothly as the others, but I was distracted and not really into sewing. I should know better to sew when I’m not in the mood to, although that’s rare. I didn’t really press it for the pictures, so it’s pretty lumpy, but it looks fine pressed.

NYB Block 3Why was I not in the mood to sew? Well, I had rented Crazy Stupid Love from iTunes with the gift card my wonderful parents gave me for my birthday and it was just waiting for me to watch it. I think I love Emma Stone even more than I love Ryan Gosling.

ew York Beauty Blocks

See that cut down the middle from light to dark? I have no idea where that came from. I was trying to get rid of it (meaning I spent like 5 seconds trying to get rid of it) and then I just gave up. I still love how the blocks are looking together!


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