New York Beauty QAL: Block 8

I finally caught up! I meant to catch up Thursday, but I decided to hang out with friends instead. <– Much better option, especially since one will be moving to NYC at the end of the month! I waited until Sunday night because my parents were here this weekend. We always have so much fun together. On Friday night, my sister and Dustin (<— probably-my-future-brother-in-law) grilled. The food was delicious. Then we played Mexican Train Dominoes. I was winning pretty much the entire game until the very end when Dustin beat me. On Saturday, my parents, sister, and Dustin came to my part of the city and we drove around and just visited different places and shops. We went to Prydes where I bought some dish towels for apron-making. We also visited a local welding artist and my dad went home with a Suburban hatch full of welded animals. Then we came back to our place and did a crafty project (pics coming soon) and made dinner. Another round of Mexican Train Dominoes followed and I won! My parents went back down to my sister’s place that night and they left the next morning. Andrew and I spent most of Sunday doing some Spring cleaning. It was a GREAT weekend!

NYB Block 8


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