New York Beauty Quilt Top (and Back)

I am in the process of quilting this table runner/wall hanging. I’m not sure yet what it’s going to be when I’m finished.

New York Beauty Quilt Top

There is a very good chance that I will never make another quilter with paper pieced and curved blocks. The blocks definitely were not the same size and there was quite a bit of thinking involved to make it looks so good in the end.

After laying out the block in the order I wanted, I sewed two together at a time using the middle/vertical sashing. So, I had five 2 across by 1 down blocks with a gray sashing in the middle. Does that make sense? I made a diagram just in case it doesn’t.

New York Beauty Diagram

Then I sewed two of those units together with the gray horizontal sashing. There was quite a bit of trimming/squaring up involved. And some of the block lost quite a bit of their sides. However, they still look good.

New York Beauty Quilt Top

Debbie snapped this picture when I had finished that step. And all that was left was to add the borders, which was really easy since everything was squared up.

I also was able to piece the back. Most of the fabric used for this quilt is from JoAnn Fabrics and isn’t the best quality. Since I probably will never use it again due to the quality and also because I’m pretty sick of it at this point, I decided it would be best to get rid of it on the back.

New York Beauty Quilt Back

And I LOVE it. It’s going to make an awesome back. After the frustration of making the blocks work on the top, there was a point where I liked the back better than the top. But that didn’t last long.

Now…on to the quilting!!

  1. Sharon B’s avatar

    It looks great!



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