No Sewing

I didn’t sew at all this weekend.

Ok, so that’s a lie. I did sew, but only hand sewing. Otherwise, there was no sewing this weekend.

I’m not entirely OK that there wasn’t any sewing, but I’m not upset enough to make up my mind.

Instead of sewing, we bought some art.

Weapon ArtAndrew found these over his lunch hour one day at the coffee shop in the River Market. He was telling me about them so I offered to go purchase them on Saturday. We don’t actually get the art for another couple of weeks until the show is over. These are going above his couch in his man cave.



I made tacos for Sunday dinner with our building friends. Fried tacos…the way my family makes them.

ChipsI went ahead and made homemade chips. I made a lot of them. It took me like an hour and a half, but it was fun. I listened to music and stared out the window.

Robin's WallI can’t take any credit for this amazing stenciling job at my sister’s house. I believe this is the work of my aunt and sister. AMAZING! I desperately want to do this in my house, but I can’t think of where it would be appropriate. Maybe our bedroom…maybe. I’m not sure if Andrew would be OK with that. And I’d probably have to choose a more modern/geometric stencil. We’ll see…I’m not a big fan of painting, so it may never happen.

And that was my weekend. Hardly any sewing. Lots of cooking. And lots of time with friends. It was a great weekend even though there was no sewing involved.




  1. Kim’s avatar

    That stenciling is amazing – that must have taken a lot of time. I stenciled flowers and butterflies in Barney’s room several years ago and just that took forever. I also stencilied stars around the top of our bedroom as part of our Americana theme – much easier. 🙂


  2. becky’s avatar

    Stenciling is fun, but it does take some work. Agreed, it is beautiful.

    I try to spend every day doing something sewing related be it handwork or machine work. It may only be 10 minutes, but it does wonders for my outlook.

    Dinner looks amazing–hope you had an enjoyable evening with friends.



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