Nora’s Quilt

This quilt is gorgeous and I’m super proud of it.

Nora's Quilt

Matt and Amy approached me about making a quilt for Nora, their daughter, earlier this year. We worked together to come up with colors and a pattern. Then I went to work.

The pattern is Lattice by Amy Smart. I modified it slightly to make the quilt more square and to give it some interest with the nine patches as every other block. Also, I added the extra checkered border.

Nora's Quilt

The colors are from Nora’s room. It’s based off of a picture frame, which Matt brought to me and I was able to take to Home Depot and match to paint cards.

Picture Frame

It was nice to have the frame as a guide. Plus, Amy and Matt sent me pictures of her room and it’s amazing! They had an artist come in and paint the room like the frame. It’s stunning! The little girl in me is super jealous. (Actually, my adult self is kind of jealous.)

I tried to mimic the frame as much as possible. The light purple is actually more of a pink/purple. That was kind of hard solid to find, but Kona came through for me with Petunia. There are quite a few shades of yellow raging from very light (almost white) to a almost a tobacco/gold color. The green is what I would describe as a sage. The dark purple is probably eggplant, but maybe slightly muddier than that. I added some light pinks and lavenders to tie everything together. Finally, there’s METALLIC GOLD! I was super excited about that since there’s a trend of metallic in the quilting world right now.

This is a pretty scrappy quilt, so I purchased a lot of small cuts of fabric. Most if the fabrics came from Missouri Star. Unfortunately, they didn’t carry the Kona Petunia, so that came from an online shop. I ordered some metallic fabrics online, too. Then I picked up coordinating prints here and there. I had plenty of fabric left over, so I pieced the back.

Nora's Quilt

It’s almost like a second quilt! I love that it’s a bonus. I even used the extra nine patches and some of the checkered border. It was a lot of fun. I purchased the rest of the solid from Missouri Star to finish the back.

Nora's Quilt

Jessica Toye quilted it. I could not quilt this on my home machine…there’s no way. It would take months and I’d probably need shoulder surgery afterwards.

Nora's Quilt

Jessica, as always, did a FANTASTIC job on the quilting! When Amy told me which fabrics she liked, she mentioned paisley. I’m a huge paisley fan so I found some paisley fabrics to use and then I asked Jessica to quilt paisleys. All over paisleys would be too much, so she added this awesome design to the blocks that were not nine patches.

The quilting tied the whole thing together. I bound this quilt in just a couple of days and then stitched a label on.

Since this quilt is going to a new home, I put together some care instructions, printed them off, and also plan to email them to Amy and Matt. In my instructions, I mention storing quilts in a pillow case. Well, that gave me an idea.


So I made a pillow case! I made another for a baby quilt that I’m also working on.

Like I said, I’m super proud of this quilt. Matt and Amy have already told me how much they love it even though they haven’t seen it. That means so much to me. It’s great to have something you made appreciated so much. Matt and Amy get it. Do you know what I mean? If you’ve ever made something for someone and put your heart and soul into it and they didn’t understand the work, love, and effort that went into it, then you know what I’m talking about. That’s very frustrating, but that was definitely not the experience with Matt and Amy. They were fabulous to work with and it made me work even harder and better. I wanted this quilt to be perfect for them and Nora because they’re so great. Confession: It’s not perfect, but nothing ever is, but I easily consider it one of the best quilts I’ve made.

Nora’s birthday is next Monday so I’m shipping this out tonight. I’m going to miss it a bit, but I can’t wait for Nora, Matt, and Amy to see it!

  1. Joni’s avatar

    This is fabulous!!! Why didn’t I see this in person when I was there this weekend? Oh yeah, probably because we were busy the whole time !!


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      Haha! Yes, we were so busy that I completely forgot to bring it out to show you!


    2. Becky’s avatar

      The quilt is beautiful and the quilting is truly amazing. Wish I could have seen the finished quilt. The pillowcase and care instructions are a wonderful idea. All I can say is Nora is 1 lucky little girl.


    3. Kim’s avatar

      We saw this quilt in April and it’s even more spectacular now! Love the back almost as the front.



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