Now That Halloween Is Over…

Batman and Robin

Now that Halloween is over, I can safely say that I really do not like that holiday. There’s so much work involved…for what? We’re not children anymore so we don’t get buckets of free candy. Most often, Halloween is going to fall on a week day, so you can’t really party. (Not that we would anyway.) We don’t have children so we can’t watch kids have a lot of fun with buckets of free candy. It’s just not really that exciting of a holiday.

But despite my Scrooge-like attitude, we did dress up. We bought a Batman and a Robin costume last year and wore them, but they needed some improving. Andrew was going for the Batman and Robin from The Dark Knight Returns comic. If you don’t know the difference between that comic and the other comics, don’t worry, I didn’t either. If you want a reference, here’s what Google provided me: – This has a great image of Batman and the female Robin

And of course Wikipedia will tell you all about the comic –

It’s sort of creepy that Robin is 13 years old and Batman is 55, but whatever. I did quite a bit of improving to our costumes this year.

Batman and Robin

That was us last year. Here are the list of improvements we made to Batman:

1. Mask – He now has a full mask.

2. Bat Symbol – I cut out and sewed a new one over the old one.

3. Belt – Andrew bought a new belt.

4. Pants/Booty Shorts – I made a pair of pants and a pair of booty shorts (in faux leather). I kept teasing Andrew about his leather diaper. But it does look really good and like the real Batman.

And here’s what I did:

1. New cape because the old one REALLY sucked.

2. I bought myself booty shorts to wear under the skirt so I didn’t have to wear tights. I did wear thick pantyhose for warmth though.

3. I stopped being lazy and did some sweet eye makeup instead of wearing the crappy mask that was provided in the costume.

We made improvements to the costumes last year, too, but those weren’t as significant. Next years improvements include finding Andrew better boots. I need new gloves. I could use a new belt, too. I’m still holding out that Halloween is just forgotten and skipped next year…

  1. Sharon B’s avatar

    Not my favorite holiday, either, but your costumes are great!


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