Old Sewing Machine and Family Stuff

After the retreat ladies left, I stuck around for a couple of hours to send some time with my family. My grandma had told me about an old sewing machine that she thought I would like to have. It was stored in the company’s office building and Grandpa and her pulled it out so I could look at it.

Minnesota Sewing Machine


Isn’t it pretty? It’s definitely been used because some of the decoration has been rubbed off, but it still totally works!

Sewing Machine


It’s in a beautiful cabinet that unfortunately has had some water damage. However, I think most of the damage has been on the back of the cabinet and can be easily fixed.



Aren’t the details awesome? It needs to be cleaned up and the belt needs to be replaced, but I think it would be fairly easy to get to a point where I could have it in my house if Andrew will allow it.

Depending on how much it’s worth or not worth, I may sand it down and paint the cabinet a more modern color.



We were able to get some information on it, but not a lot. It’s a Minnesota S so it was manufactured around 1910, but we couldn’t find a serial number. I believe it was manufactured by Davis and sold by Sears. There are A LOT of notions/feet and other stuff that were with it. We found tons of needles in little wooden round cases. There’s a ruffler foot and a button hole machine/foot with all of the parts. I think there are bobbins, but I’m not sure what exactly they are. They look like bullets and they’re very heavy. The also came in the round wooden holders.

Sewing Machine Stuff

If anybody knows anything about sewing machines and can help me figure out all of the details of this machine and what it’s valued at, I would appreciate the help! I’ve contacted at least one antique dealer that specializes in sewing machines and they either didn’t have any information or weren’t interested in talking to me.

After looking at the sewing machine, I went around our office snapping pictures of other pictures so excuse the poor quality.



My uncle Darrell wrecked a truck when I was very little. I remember visiting him in the hospital. He had to have a plate put in his arm. Looking at the truck, it’s amazing he survived and his arm was the only serious injury.



I’ve heard that if you go to the place where it was wrecked, you can still find bits of blue fiberglass in the ditch. I’m not sure if I remember exactly what happened, but I believe he was hauling meat. When you’re hauling meat, like big pieces of meat, it’s hung from the ceiling. Apparently, it’s very dangerous because if you swerve or change lanes or the wind is blowing, any number of factors, and the meat starts to swing, it can actually flip your trailer which then flips your truck. I think that’s what happened. These pictures have hung in the office right inside the door as long as I can remember.

Grandpa and Charlie


These are pictures of my grandpa, Jesse Latham, and his good friend Charlie Mullins (Mullens?) (sp?). The one on the left was taken in 1953 and the one on the right was taken in 1998.

Grandpa and Charlie


Grandpa and Charlie


I remember Charlie visiting us and he made me a beautiful bookcase for Christmas one year. He lived in Arkansas and I believe my grandparents still own some timber land that used to be his. He passed away a few years ago.

Our Shop


That’s an aerial view of the shop and the land around it that’s used to park old trailers and equipment.



And this was a seriously old computer that I remember playing some falling word game on. I didn’t try it out, but I’m just going to take a wild guess and say it doesn’t work anymore.

It was an interesting visit. I haven’t been in the office for years so it was kind of nostalgic because I spent a lot of time in there growing up. It’s sometimes nice to visit your past.

  1. Debbie Meador’s avatar

    The sewing machine is amazing. What a treasure!


  2. Jan Durham’s avatar

    There is a great web site called Treadle On that was very helpful to me when I was trying to figure out my treadle machine. It looks like yours may be a “vibrating shuttle” machine like mine. I think the ‘bullet’ shaped things are probably the shuttle that holds e bobbin I will bring you a couple of bobbins to guild tomorrow and see if they will work for your machine.


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      Thanks, Jan! That does sound like what I have. I’ll definitely check out Treadle On.



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