Pillows, Pillows, Pillows

I hope everybody had a fabulous Memorial Weekend! Mine was super relaxing. We did not go anywhere and we did not have any plans. I sewed. Andrew played video games. We went to the pool. I watched a lot of Netflix. We got a little more caught up on laundry. Honestly, the laundry part is still stressing me out. It would be soooo much easier if Andrew would stop refusing to dry his clothes in the dryer. Instead, he has to hang everything. We have one little, pathetic, crappy clothes horse that holds like eight items and it takes a full day for those items to dry. Plus, he wears twice as many clothes as I do during the week! I’m not sure how that is possible, but it happens. I’m ordering a new and improved clothes horse from Amazon soon. We absolutely cannot catch up without some help and I’m hoping the new clothes horse helps that. Luckily, Andrew is really good about helping me with laundry when I ask him.

Anyway, pillows. It was a pillow making weekend. I started out finished the truck pillows.

Truck Pillow Covers

Those are just the covers. I also made pillow forms, but I don’t have anything to stuff into them yet.

Next, my mom has been sending me pictures of a pillow project she has been working on. It’s the Faux Pleated Pillow from Missouri Star Quilt Company and V & Co. First, I LOVE V & Co. It was one of the first blogs I began reading when I started quilting. I didn’t realize there was such a big blog world out there for awhile, so I stuck with just a few blogs. I’m EXTREMELY excited for Vanessa’s new line Simply Color. The pillow tutorial is great. Since the internet is full of awful people, I was not surprised at some of the comments, but still disappointed. I think Vanessa did a great job. She talks and sews like a real person. I think anybody with half of a brain could probably figure out what she meant by anything she said. Also, I am aware that “gypped” is a racial slur toward gypsy’s, but not everybody is aware of that. I did not know about it’s origins until I was in high school. Whoever made the comment should not have been so harsh about the fact that Vanessa used the word. It’s better to educate than attack. I’m sure Vanessa did not mean to offend anybody.

And back on track now that I had my little rant.

My mom finished her pillow this weekend.

Mom's Faux Pleated Pillow

I love the colors she used. I think she was skeptical about either the tan or the white. I think she made the right call. The colors are perfect!

I started one yesterday and finished it in just a couple of hours.

My Faux Pleated Pillow

I had a few strips left over from a Moda Marble jelly roll. I still have a few strips left over even after this project. I’ve been using them for sashing, borders, and binding. It’s lasted forever and I’m anxious to get another. I have no idea where I’ll be putting this pillow since it doesn’t really go with anything in our condo. I still think it’s pretty. I had a 14″ square pillow form lying around, so I was able to get three rows from one strip! I totally recommend this project if you just want something that is fast and easy.

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    Very cute pillow!



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