Polaroid Bee Blocks

A new year of bees have started. I’m in four and I’m so excited! Bees are so great because the blocks are something I can work on in the one to two hours that I have in an evening after work, after working out, after dinner, after cleaning up and before bed.

These blocks are for the KC Scrappy Bee. There are actually two groups this year, a beginner and a more advanced group. I’m in both because a spot in the beginner group needed to be filled.



Tammie asked us to create these for pillows for her son and daughter. She also mentioned maybe using them in a sewing theme, so I added a couple of those. She gave me two of the centers and I filled in the rest with some fabric friends provided me and then some that I was able to find in my stash. My stash actually surprised me because I wasn’t aware that I had so many fabrics that could work for these blocks. I don’t particularly like novelty fabric, so I was worried that I wouldn’t have any.

These blocks are addicting. I made a couple and they were so cute that I kept going. They go together so quickly! Luckily, I had plenty of Kona White in my stash so I could make more.

These are tiny blocks and I couldn’t imagine making a full quilt unless there was some serious sashing involved so I get why Tammie is thinking about making pillows. But because they are so small, it makes them extra cute!


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