Quilt Labels

I know a quilt isn’t finished until it has a label, but I don’t like labels. I think in the future, I’ll just write on the back of the quilt and call it good. But we’ll see. Either way, I did make labels for the Radiance quilt and the Echo quilt.

Radiance Label

Ok…I realize the issues with this title. Yes, it’s also the title of the fabric line…and I failed to put that on the label, but I’m going to add that. Above “Radiance”, It will say “Inspired by” and after it will say “by Robert Kaufman.” I really don’t think it matters that much because I don’t plan on ever displaying or showing this quilt except here on the blog. However, in order to avoid any catastrophe’s, I’ll do the correct thing.

Echo Label

And of course, the same goes for this one because a lot of the fabric used is from Lotta Jansdotter’s “Echo” line. I just don’t think of these things right away because I don’t plan on making a pattern or showing this or whatever. We had a presentation at our quilt guild last night and I was reminded about this stuff. It totally put me off of the idea of every trying to sell or make my own things. I would constantly be worried about breaking the rules…and that’s not why I do this.

  1. becky’s avatar

    I’m negligent about adding labels to quilts for my personal use. However, I usually write a book about what inspired a quilt I give. Also, I include care instructions on the bottom since many of the people who receive a quilt have no idea how to properly care for them.


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      I’ve never put care instructions on the quilt before, but that’s such a great idea! I’m definitely doing that from now on with any quilt I give away.


    2. Kim’s avatar

      Remember too that in 100 years, someone in your family will know this was made by you and be able to have some history to your wonderful work. This is something I learned with scrapbooking. I always write down the who, what, where and especially the when. Even now I look back at pages for reference when people disagree on when something happened. But I digress about scrapping – on the quilts, write all you want, then it’s recorded for history.


      1. Lesley’s avatar

        I hope there are still quilters in our family in 100 years. That would be pretty awesome. 🙂 Even if there aren’t, I am glad that they will be able to still appreciate my work.


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