Quilt Shop Road Trip

During Sewing Sunday, somebody asked if any of us had ever been to The Quilt Shoppe (Home of Tula Pink) in Stewartsville, MO. There were a few of us (including myself) who had never made the trip. My mom and dad stopped there once on the Harley and said it was cool, but nothing spectacular. A road trip was suggested and the biggest miracle of all happened: None of us were busy the next Saturday! How amazing is that?! Seven women who work and/or have families were free on the exact same Saturday. It was fate, so we decided to make the trip. Throughout the week on the Facebook invite, it was also decided that we would head on over to Hamilton, MO, to visit The Missouri Star Quilt Co. I get their daily deals emails and love the stuff they have, so I was ecstatic. Plus, we planned on meeting at Briarcliff where Urban Arts & Crafts is located and I knew that we’d have to stop in there.

At 10am, we all met at Latte Land in Briarcliff to fuel up on lattes and pastries. Two cars were taken and we headed to Stewartsville. You can totally tell that The Quilt Shoppe is the home of Tula Pink. Their entire market booth is set up. She had just received her book and had it on a table for everybody to preview. Every single item in the book was displayed. My mom has already offered to buy the book for me for my birthday since I was gushing about it so much on the phone to her.

Tula Pink Clock

Tula Pink Charm Squares Pillow

Tula Pink Buttons Pillow

Tula Pink Embroidered Lamp Shade

Tula Pink Picture Frames

Princess Crown Quilt

Not all of these items are in her book, but they were displayed around the shop. I want to make each of those pillows. I’ll probably never make the lamp shade, but I want it. The clock is adorable and it would make a great gift. The quilts were fantastic. It was all amazing.

I got to meet Tula and she was very nice and informative. I enjoyed learning about her and her creative process. There were a couple of surprises that kept us there for quite a long time, but I can’t tell. (Hee hee). I am sooooooooo looking forward to her new line. The story behind it is so cool.

Of course, I bought stuff.

Tula Pink Purchases

Not pictured: Two jelly roll strips from the Prince Charming line. I have a fat quarter bundle of Prince Charming and I know I’ll probably be doing scrappy binding, so I snatched the strips up. I LOVE the idea of selling jelly roll strips. They were 75 cents each or you could pull so many and make a complete jelly roll. So fun!

The crown fat quarter was free because I checked in on Facebook. Make sure to check in if you have a smart phone and are ever at The Quilt Shoppe!

The pattern I could not leave without. My friend is obsessed with princess stuff and I have been trying and trying to find a good pattern. This is perfect. I probably won’t make the full quilt, but I can’t wait to make a wall hanging or a pillow.

The blue fabric is a voile that I couldn’t resist because I love voiles. Tula had a couple of quilts with voiles in them and then an entire quilt of voiles. I fell in love. I really really want to make an entire quilt from voiles, but I do not think that will be happening in the near future due to 1. Price and 2. Time. Someday…

After we had spent A LOT of time in The Quilt Shoppe, we went to The Missouri Star Quilt Co. Their store is pretty large, but not large enough. They are moving soon to a very large space. Some of their fabric was not even unwrapped because they didn’t have space for it! I think that’s a good problem to have and I’m glad they were able to find a bigger space. The minute we walked into the door, we all gasped. The coolest quilt greeted us. It was made from Robert Kaufman fabric that is 45% silk and 55% cotton. It shone!

Robert Kaufman Part Silk Fabric

I had trouble choosing which color way to purchase. My sister suggested blue and I can’t wait to use it, although I have no project in mind. I’m just excited to be able to touch it on a daily basis. There was also a very cool pillow that would be super easy to make. We were all examining it.

Jelly Roll Pillow

I’m pretty sure this was just sewing folded in half jelly roll strips to a piece of fabric and then making it into a pillow. I’m going to have to try it.

I also found these novelty prints. I purchase colored space invaders fabric online before, but I have never seen it in stores, so I took the opportunity to get some. I see more iPad sleeves in my future.

Video Game Fabric

We also go lucky at this store and were shown a few quilts and tutorials. Everybody in the shop was EXTREMELY helpful and so nice. I can’t wait to go back.

By the time we were finished, it was way past lunch and we were all hungry. We grabbed a quick lunch at Wendy’s and headed back to KC. We definitely did not plan on the trip taking so long, but the shops were just so great that the time we spent in each shop did not feel like an extra long time.

When we got back to Briarcliff, we all went to Urban Arts & Crafts, but did not stay very long. A few purchases were made and I came home with some Mr. Amy Butler fabric for the scarf I’ll be making for a male friend. I LOVE this line. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! A male line that is not for children is super rare. I hope we see more from Mr. Amy Butler.

David Butler Fabric

The trip was amazing for many reasons; but the best part was hanging out with my companions. There are not very many people who get as excited about quilty stuff as I do, but they do. I also mostly hang out with guys, so it’s refreshing to be around grown, practical women. It was definitely a day that goes near the top of the charts of best days ever.

  1. Joni’s avatar

    You could hang out with me more often, because I get excited about quilty stuff!! LOL. Glad you had a great time. Jealous that you got to stop by MSQC.


  2. Mary Anne’s avatar

    It was an awesome day, Lesley! It was fun for this “grown, practical” woman to hang out with you young, hip, super-creative gals!!!

    I missed the part about MSQS moving to larger digs…how exciting!



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