Quilting Retreat – Part 2

One of the best parts about these retreats is that I get to see my mom without the rest of my family around. I love my family and I like hanging out with them, but I’m extremely close to Mom and I don’t get to hang out with her one on one a lot. And although there are nine other women at these retreats, we still get quite a bit of one on one time. For example, we talked FOREVER on Friday night and didn’t get to sleep until late. But that was OK because we both took a nap on Saturday.

Saturday was a LONG day…in a good way. Mom, Becky, and I got up and walked over three miles by the lake near Becky’s house. It was a beautiful morning. I did a little exploring of Becky’s house next.



Can you believe that I found a quilt. This is an antique quilt. Becky has a lot of antique quilts decorating her house and they are all fabulous. I didn’t get pictures of them, but there was this one churn dash one that was amazing.

Once we got to Marilyn’s, we ate breakfast and then started sewing. There were quite a few finishes throughout the day.

Debbie's QuiltDebbie finished a quilt top for her grandson. Right, Debbie? It’s for your grandson? There’s a chevron print in there, but you can’t see it from the picture. Debbie gave me the leftover charm squares along with some left over V & Co Simply Color charm squares. See how nice these ladies are to me? They’re the best!

Kim's Bag


Kim worked on Schlep Bags for Christmas presents. This is just one of the ones she finished. I love helping choose fabrics for these. These have sort of become the retreat mascots. I think all of us have one or at least have made one. It was debated making having one of these a requirement to come to the retreats.

Becky's Bag


Becky also finished a Schlep Bag. I LOVE her colors. She found that yellow and gray bundle at Joann’s. She gave me the leftovers. 🙂



Derenda was working on a block that was part of a bee. She found that amazing herringbone fabric. The block was a Dresden plate. She got quite a bit of it finished even though she had to re-cut each of the herringbone plates when she realized none of them had a piece of yellow in them from the herringbone fabric.



This is one of Marilyn’s quilts, but Becky was working on the exact same border using tiny tiny squares.

Cec's Block


Cec was working on a block of the month or bee block. She finished this one. I really like the purple and the yellow. FYI: Notice the bandaid on Cec’s fingers. I know she specifically wanted me to point that out. 🙂 Hehe.



Mom had this at the last retreat, but it wasn’t quilted. She quilted stars into it and got the binding sewn down during the retreat so all she has left is the hand sewing of the binding.



Speaking of Mom…she decided to be a scarf lady for a bit. Haha.

After sewing for awhile and eating lunch, we took some pictures.



Here’s the entire group in our shirts. Facebook likes this pictures. My phone has bee blowing up for days with comments and likes on this photo. I guess everybody can just see how great of a time we were having and how happy we all were.

Hal and Marilyn


There’s Hal and Marilyn with their dog Cinders who was very exited to have us there and very exited to have us leave. I think Hal might have felt the same way. 🙂

Debbie and Mom

And of course, there’s a picture of Debbie and Mom…the beauty school roommates.



It was such a beautiful day and Marilyn and Hal have such a great backyard and porch that we kind of just hung out back there for awhile after taking pictures. We checked out their garden and I found out how brussel sprouts grow. It’s kind of weird.

Once we were finished with picture taking and garden looking, we moved on to gossiping about the quilt that was hanging on the neighbor’s back porch.

Ruth's Quilt


During the gossiping, somebody dared Derenda to go over and knock on the door and ask to see the quilt.



She did. With a decorative pumpkin to give away.

Ruth and Us


It turns out, Derenda goes to church with Ruth, the neighbor. Small world. So we got a tour of Ruth’s house and all of her quilts.





The one on the back porch is actually crocheted. I really really like it.



I especially like the decorative ribbon. I might have to do that someday. I might have to crochet something like that someday, too.

House Quilt


Here’s her amazing house quilt. I should have gotten an up close picture. It’s fabulous.

HousesAnd right next to is was a replica that was cross stitched. How freaking amazing is that? I almost died. I cannot believe the work that went into that.

Log Cabin


And lastly, I couldn’t get away without taking a picture of the patriotic log cabin. I kind of like log cabins…especially ones with stars included.

So that was our adventure. The rest of the evening was filled with more sewing, talking, planning of the next retreat, and an delicious dinner of chicken cordon bleu and baked potatoes.

The next morning was spent doing a little bit of last minute sewing and packing up. We were all very reluctant to leave, but we have the next retreat planned and we are all already looking forward to it.

THANK YOU ladies for being so awesome. THANK YOU Marilyn (and Hal) for being fabulous hosts. I miss you all already and I can’t wait until next time.




  1. Kim’s avatar

    Oh my gosh, I am still laughing about Derenda going over to that ladies house. She was bound and determined to get on that back porch. It was hysterical when she came out the back door, but also not surprising – when she sets her mind to something, she does it!
    It was so great to see everyone – what a fun retreat! And so glad you like your t-shirt and I’m going to start on my item to bring to the next retreat. I’m so looking forward to September!



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