Quilting Weekend Extravaganza

This weekend was my fabulous quilting retreat. Unfortunately, a lot of people were sick. 🙁 However, my mom, my aunt, Val, and I had an AWESOME weekend filled with quilting.

Mom and Aunt Cathy arrived on Friday night. I met them at Joann Fabrics to grab some essentials…plus we had coupons. They said they had a lot to unload, but I had no idea. They turned my kitchen, living room, and dining room into a quilting studio.

The Makeshift Studio

The Makeshift Studio


My Makeshift Sewing Station

We had three sewing stations set up along each set of windows and then another at the kitchen table. The kitchen island was used for a cutting table.

My sister also joined us for a bit. Here she is looking pretty…

Robin Looking Pretty

And here’s the real Robin.

The Real Robin

Just kidding!

Everybody was working on different things. I made some curling iron holders for upcoming birthday and Christmas gifts.

Brown Curling Iron Holder

Colorful Curling Iron Holders

Val wanted one, so I made her one.

Val with the Curling Iron Holder

Val was making baby blankets for her niece Brooklyn and her niece that’s due in December. The quilts are sooooo adorable. Because the first letter of the new baby’s name is not decided, she couldn’t complete the applique on the second quilt, but the other is finished and both have the binding on! She definitely made the most progress of us all. The pattern  came from Moda Bake Shop.

Val's Quilt Top

Sandwiching Val's Quilt Top

Sandwiching Val's Quilt Top


Val's Appliqued B

Val's Finished Quilt

Val's Bound Quilt

Andrew, if you are reading this…don’t worry! We did not stick pins into our hardwood floor. There was at mat under there and we were very very careful to make sure the mat was in place before we started pinning.

How do you like Val and I’s technique of tracing without a light box? I was pretty impressed.

The binding looks somewhat red in the picture, but it is bright pink and absolutely adorable!

My mom worked on some throws for her boss’ daughters. After buying some pillow forms at Joann Fabrics (which we also visited on Saturday), she couldn’t resist doing some applique.


Mom's Appliqued Pillow

Aunt Cathy started the weekend by finishing some clutches, but began a new project because of some fabric inspiration after one of the visits to Joann Fabrics. She wanted to try out a new tool she got on her last bus trip. It’s called the Batting Buddy. It would be so awesome for beginner quilters, but it’s also a lot of fun for seasoned quilters.

Aunt Cathy's Batting Buddy Blocks

Aunt Cathy's Strips

Aunt Cathy Cutting

Apparently pink was the theme this weekend!

Somehow, I did not get one good picture of Aunt Cathy. She was busy either cutting, sewing, or helping/consulting  in all of the pictures!

It was an absolutely FABULOUS weekend and it really sucked when everybody left. Monday was definitely a bummer. I think I had to read my happy post about 50 times.

But on the good side of things, Mom took my crossword quilt tops home to be quilted! I’ll be picking them up when we move my grandmother during the first weekend of December. I can wait to see them, but I am mostly excited to see all of my family since I won’t see them during Thanksgiving.

We went Thanksgiving grocery shopping last night. Andrew and I gave ourselves a pep talk before we went into Walmart. In retrospect, I should have recorded myself reading my happy post and just played it the entire time we were in Walmart. Ha!

Actually, it wasn’t so bad, but we should have just gone to Hy-Vee. Wish me luck on cooking my first Thanksgiving meal!


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