Radiance Yellow Brick Road

Quite awhile ago, I bought a Radiance bundle from Missouri Star. I made a trip back to Missouri Star and bought the Yellow Brick Road pattern. And I finally put the two together!

Radiance Quilt

The piecing was really fun. I really enjoyed it. My mom helped me sandwich this quilt over the Christmas holiday. I stippled it when I got home. Stippling is so easy, so fast, and so fun. However, it takes a lot of thread. But I love the look of it on this quilt. The slipperiness of the silk/cotton blend made it a bit more difficult to quilt, but it wasn’t too bad. I divided it up into two evenings and that worked really well. My wrist and shoulder hurt after the first evening and my back was pretty sore after the next evening.


I saved a cut of the bundle for the binding and I backed it in flannel. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this quilt, but it’s another one that’s not leaving my care.

Radiance Quilt

  1. Kim’s avatar

    The pictures of this quilt do not do it justice. It is SOOOOO pretty in person. The shine and feel that fabric has is awesome. May be adding some of the to my stash!


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      You can find bundles of it at Missouri Star.


      That one would be perfect for Derenda!



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