Randomness: Embroidery, Reading, VACATION!!!!

I finished this adorable piece last night.

Cupcake Embroidery

Now what do I do with it? Make it into a pillow? Quilt it? Frame it? I haven’t really embroidered before unless it was a table runner or a pillow case, so I”m not exactly sure. Help!

I’ve been reading a lot. I finished one of the greatest series of all time…again.

Millenium Series

I’ve read each book twice. I’ve seen the Swedish films at least twice each. And Andrew and I saw the American film in the theater. I will definitely be seeing it again. The books are amazing, though. Amazing. I think the second one is my favorite, but they all sort of blend together. LOVE! They might be my favorite books ever…and that’s something coming from me who is absolutely obsessed with Gone with the Wind.

Now I’m on to reading this…

LOTR Books

I’ve seen the movies once, but I honestly hardly remember them. I’ve just recently finished The Hobbit. I’ve never read any of these books. This is the completely trilogy. Our friend, Eric, convinced me to read The Hobbit and this series before The Hobbit film. It took quite a bit of convincing. He still has not convinced me to see Star Wars, which I absolute refuse to watch. Andrew had to almost force me to watch the new Star Trek. It was great and I loved it, but I cannot bring myself to watch Star Wars. The reasons: I’ll leave them unknown because they make me seem like a bitter and stubborn person. I also want to read The Hunger Games before the film, so that will be after LOTR.

Luckily, I have a few plane rides to tackle the series. We are going on VACATION!! Where?


San Jose Map

San Jose! And probably San Francisco for a day. I LOVE California. And I love San Jose and San Francisco. My aunt and uncle live in San Jose and I cannot wait to see them. Guess what? The Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild is meeting the Saturday that I’m there. I think they will probably have at least one guest.

After four days in San Jose, we fly to…

San Diego Map

San Diego! I have not spent any of my adult life in San Diego and I am extremely excited. Our friend, Kapil, has just moved there for work and since we failed to visit him in Naples, FL, we decided to make this stop. We will spend five days in the San Diego area before we fly back to KC. I desperately need a vacation and I cannot think of a better vacation spot than California.

If any of you have any suggestions for fabric shops, tourist must-see’s, non-tourist must-see’s, etc., let me know!


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