Remember Why I Baked + Another Laptop Bag

Remember when I posted that I bake when I have good news but I couldn’t tell you exactly what that good news was? And remember me making a laptop bag and then saying I was going to make another Well, I got a new job! And so did my friend Kelly! And we both need laptop bags.

We will both be working at Cerner. I’ve been looking for a new position with another company for a little while and I was offered a position at Cerner a couple of weeks ago. However, I didn’t want to tell everybody until I started and we started today.

Kelly and I will not be working on the same team or even in the same organization, but we will be at the same campus and we’re going through the orientation week together!

Kelly's Laptop Bag

We definitely have the cutest bags!

Kelly's Laptop Bag

Kelly was originally going to have a bag with the same chevron print as mine and then solid yellow accents, but I cut the chevron fabric incorrectly. I was pretty annoyed with myself, but I’m so very happy with this bag, that I can’t really complain.

Kelly's Laptop Bag

And Kelly loves it! Also, Andrew said he liked it more than mine. These bags came together so quickly that I’m thinking they might become a go-to gift.

Anyway, wish me luck at my first week in my new job!

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