I’ve ignored remnant bins for a long time, especially at Joann Fabrics. I have always sort of related looking in remnant bins to digging for food in dumpsters. I’m weird. I know. Anyway, the only place I dig through the remnants (because they are AWESOME) is at Sew Country. Well…the other day while standing in line (next to the remnant bin) to get some fabric cut at Joann’s, I caught a glimpse of a very bright solid. I slowly reached for the rolled up bundle to test the feel. Yup, it was cotton. But what kind of cotton? I’ll admit, when I looked at the label, I did a double take. There was almost an entire yard of Kona Cotton just sitting in the remnant bin. But wait! Buried beneath other crappy cotton rolls were TWO more bundles of almost a yard of Kona! I ferociously dug through the rest of the bin just to make sure I didn’t miss another piece.

Kona Cotton Remnants

I came home with three different colors and almost three yards of Kona Cotton for pretty much half the price. And sometimes…if you’re lucky, you can find the remnants with 50 additional percent off. I’ve since dug through the remnant bin every time I’ve been to Joann’s. I don’t always have any luck, but sometimes there are great things. Maybe I’ll take up dumpster diving next…

  1. Sharon B’s avatar

    I was at Sew Country when I visited my sister in March. Spent too much money there!


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      Hahaha! I always spend too much money there. I love fat quarters so it’s basically heaven for me.



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