RepCo Weekend: Pincushions, Quilts, and Slot Cars

Dustin and Dad

I decided to visit my hometown this last weekend. I haven’t seen my dad or my grandparents in quite awhile. I told my sister I was going to go home and she asked if she and her fiance could go, too. Her windshield on her car got a crack and Dad was going to take care of it. Also, they wanted to meet with the preacher because they haven’t found anybody to officiate their wedding in June. I was totally OK with her going because they I didn’t have to take my truck and I didn’t have to go alone. Well, when Andrew found out that Robin’s fiance was going, he wanted to go. There’s a new wrestling video game out that they are both very excited about. Andrew bought the PlayStation so they could play it over the weekend.

It was a great weekend. And we really didn’t do that much. On Saturday, we cooked all day for a big family dinner that evening. My mom and I went for a walk. Robin, Dustin, and Andrew napped. Robin and Dad got her windshield fixed. Robin and Dustin met with the preacher. Dustin watched the Nebraska game. Then we had dinner and played games. I did manage to get a couple of pincushions done.

Chevron Pincushions

Pincushion Elastic

I got the elastic from Pick Your Plum. They had a couple of packages available for one of their daily deals. My grandma asked me where I got the lingerie elastic from. I guess I didn’t realize it was lingerie elastic, but it makes sense. I just thought it was decorative elastic. I’m sure it’s used more for decoration now than for lingerie.

Pincushion Button

My mom had some Perl cotton that she received from my aunt Cindy. Her mom passed away and had boxes and boxes of sewing and crafting stuff. She sent a lot of the boxes to my mom and we’re slowing going through them. The Perl cotton is amazing. I LOVE it. I haven’t really worked with it before now.

Pincushion Bottom

The bottom looks kind of funny because I put two washers in to make it heavy so it stays on the table. Dad helped me find the washers at our shop. It ended up being quite an ordeal and we had my uncle Darrell looking for them, too. These pincushions kind of ended up being a family project. Dad even offered to custom cut some metal to fit perfectly in the bottom. I told him it wasn’t necessary for this, but I’m keeping that in the back of my mind for other projects.

Opportunity Quilt

My mom’s quilt guild does an opportunity quilt ever year. Basically, they make a quilt and then sell raffle tickets. This transparency quilt from Week Ringle and Bill Kerr’s book is their opportunity quilt for this year.

Opportunity Quilt

My mom and aunt Cathy along with a couple of other ladies pieced the top. The local quilt shop is long arm quilting it. I’m very excited they used a modern pattern because their guild is very traditional. I’m also excited that the quilt is fairly masculine so I think they will sell a lot of raffle tickets to people they normally don’t sell to.

Candy Corn Table Runner

I love that my mom’s house has all of these fun and awesome quilted items around. I think I showed the candy corn table runner on the blog before. I LOVE what she’s done with it. The figurines are little bears dressed up in Halloween stuff. So cute!

On Sunday, we woke up and were drinking coffee and I asked Dad if he still had his slot car track. He said he was sure that he did and my mom piped up that it was downstairs in the storage room in a blue tub on the shelves at the very back of the room. She knew EXACTLY where they were. Dustin was pretty excited so we went downstairs and they really were where mom said they would be. We got them out and spent the entire morning playing with them.

Slot Car Track

Dustin is an engineer and he definitely took charge layout out the track. It was pretty impressive.

Slot Car Track

He improved it at some point. We had a lot of fun with it and it gave us something to do on Sunday morning. Also, Robin and Dustin received some good news that morning. They are in the process of buying a house and negotiating with the seller. There have been quite a few rounds of counter-offering and they are getting really close. In fact, I think they’ll probably have a final decision this week. Between the slot cars and that news and the AMAZING breakfast mom made, it would be pretty hard to beat how awesome Sunday morning was. And to add to that…I finished a quilt. You’ll have to wait until later to see it though.

I hope everybody had as great of a weekend as I did. 🙂


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