I made a robe. Actually, this was the second robe I made because I made a muslin first. The muslin actually turned out really good and I’m debating experimenting with dye with it. Anyway, this fabric is very different than muslin. It’s silky, but it wasn’t that hard to work with. The only problem was that I had to finish every single edge because HOLY ¬†CRAP it frays.

My Robe

The pattern is vintage and you can read more about is in my negativity post. Hint: Scroll to the bottom.

My Robe

I LOVE the drop sleeves. The first part of this came together EXTREMELY quickly minus the whole finishing the edges thing. I used SOOOO much thread for that. There are two kinds of brown thread and one black in that robe because I ran out and was too lazy to go out and buy more. However, you can’t tell the difference. The second part kind of sucked. You have to put this band/collar thing on and it really sucks. I’m not so proud of my work on that part of this robe, but I think I know how to do better. Also, I HATE hemming and you have to hem two sleeves and the bottom. UGH! I desperately need a rolled hem foot if I’m going to do more of these.

AND…I have four more of these robes to make. They are going to be presents. However, before I make them, I have to buy A LOT of thread.

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    Love it!!!



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