Rock Chalk Jayhawk

I’m not a sports fan, but if I had to choose a sport, it would be basketball. My high school was all about basketball and I’m a KU grad. And even though I didn’t/don’t attend (or even watch) every game, I still get excited about KU basketball. And I understand and feel what Sarah Kelly talks about in “What it feels like to be a Jayhawk.” The first KU game I watched was the Syracuse game in 2003. I was on Mass Street after the 2008 win. I didn’t watch a KU game this year until the final four game because I was scared that I would jinx us by watching. I missed the first games because I was scared KU would lose even before the Sweet 16, but since we won, I thought it was me not watching that kept us winning. I just happened to be at a bar that was playing the game with a whole bunch of KU fans the night of the final four game. I would have blamed myself if we lost the final four game. I’m a nervous wreck for tonight. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!



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