Saint Louis and A Girls Weekend

Wow! It has been a busy week or two. First, I went to Strangeloop in Saint Louis. Strangeloop is a developer conference. Yes, totally nerdy, but definitely cool. Best part: I was like one of 20 girls out of 900 attendees. No bathroom line!!!!

Saint Louis is an OK city. Out of all the Midwestern cities (not including Chicago), I think Andrew and I chose the best city. Kansas City has a great downtown and is very up and coming. For the Midwest, I’m pretty happy. Saint Louis’ downtown sucks…FYI. It is pretty, though.

Saint Louis View from Hilton

That is the view from my hotel window. I loved looking at the Arch.

Downtown Saint Louis

This is downtown and was absolutely gorgeous! It’s also very pretty at night.

Downtown Saint Louis Arch View

Here’s another picture of the Arch and the old City Hall. I love the cloudy skies.

Quilt at Arch Museum

Of course, I found a quilt. This was in the museum at the Arch. Unfortunately, there was no quilt shop near the downtown area. Actually, I could hardly find one quilt shop in Saint Louis. I was very disappointed. Before I left, I was desperately trying to finish a quilt so I would have something to work on during the drive to and from the conference. I ran into some sandwiching issues…and then I gave up and called my mom and asked for help. I’m taking the quilt home sometime in October to have her help me with it. I have never had ANY sandwiching issues before, but I have some ideas to make it go smoother next time. Here’s a sneak preview.

Habitat Quilt

This weekend was one of the best weekends of my life. My best friend, Ali, flew in from Pittsburgh to see the Taylor Swift Concert. She and her mom get here on Thursday night. On Friday, we shopped ALL day. It was amazing. I bought new shoes! On Friday night, my other two best friends, Danielle and Kristen, joined us for a girls night out. We ate, drank, danced, and basically had the best night ever. At the piano bar, Ali’s mom won Renaissance Festival tickets and a happy hour. At the country bar, Ali won two more Taylor Swift tickets, so Danielle and Kristen were able to go with us! We danced soooo much. I’m in pretty good shape and I workout quite a bit, but holy cow, my calves are killing me. The only person missing was Kate, our other best friend.

Bucket of Booze

My Best Friends

On Saturday night, we went to the Taylor Swift concert. It is a production. I loved watching all of the special effects. Ali shook Taylor’s hand. It was epic.

Taylor Swift Shirt



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