Scrap Cleaning + The Hunger Games

I’ve been meaning to clean out my scraps and I finally got around to it. The idea was to cut down all of my scraps into strips or squares, but I quickly abandoned that idea when I remember how much I hate cutting. Therefore, I separated them into strips, squares, triangles, and large pieces. I threw a lot of little scraps away because I just won’t use them.

Discarded Scraps

Sure, I could use them for paper piecing, but I could also use any of the number of the other scraps. I’m glad they are gone and I only had a little guilt about throwing away good fabric. I just won’t use that little of pieces and I don’t do enough paper piecing to justify keeping them.

Full Closet Shelves

Now I need some storage/organizers. I’m running out of space!

See how productive I am when Andrew is gone? Sappy time! I have a really hard time sleeping in our bed without Andrew. I can sleep fine by myself when I’m gone, but when it’s just me in our bed, I have trouble. Basically, I have to make myself so tired that I just cannot stay awake any longer.

The Hunger Games

Image from Barnes and Noble

I started and finished The Hunger Games first book on Saturday night. I LOVED IT! I cannot wait to read the second and third books. The movie comes out soon and I will definitely be seeing it on opening weekend. I suggest it. It’s a page turner and short so it takes no time at all. Books like that make me miss reading. I want to do a lot more of it.

  1. Sharon B’s avatar

    I loved that book, too.



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