I made scrubs! This is my second item of clothing. Actually, my second and third since it included pants and a shirt. I am super proud of them.

Me in Scrubs

I used the Simplicity #3542 Misses’ & Plus Size Scrubs. I made the smallest size available (10) because I was scared they were going to be super huge. A 10! 10! I wear like 10 sizes smaller than that in “real” life. I’m making these for a friend and I’m pretty positive she wears like eight sizes smaller than that in real life. Well, the 10 fits me like a 10. I mean, my measurements matched up pretty well with the 10, but I really didn’t believe that Simplicity’s sizing was sooo wonky. My mom was also super confused. We figured they had to be right since the pattern didn’t come in any smaller sizes, but we were both very skeptical. Anyway, it worked out. The 10 almost fits my friend perfectly. The shoulders and hips are a little tight. This was the “test” pattern that I made with some cheap muslin I had on hand. For the actual scrubs, I’ll probably use a 12 for the shoulder part and use smaller seam allowances on the hip area.

Scrubs PantsThese aren’t hemmed yet. They were SUPER easy. I’ll probably made some PJ pants using the same pattern.

Scrubs Top

The top was a little more difficult than the pants, but not too hard. The whole project probably took me about 11 hours from start to finish. That includes tracing and cutting the pattern and fabric. I think that’s a pretty good time for my second sewing project. I might take the top pattern and turn it into a dress.

I’m glad my mom was there to help me. She used to sew clothing quite a bit and there were a few times where I wasn’t exactly sure what the instructions meant. She told me quite a few stories about my grandma and her sewing skills. I’ll save those stories for another time, but they were pretty cool.

I had the best weekend with my mom. We sewed, quilted, shopped, and had a fabulous time together. More posts to come soon with some of the other projects we worked on…

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    I had a great time with you as well!



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