Sewing Day with Val

I love getting together with friends to sew. It always makes for a very happy day.

Val came over on Sunday and we spend the entire day doing sewing related things. First, we visited Joann Fabrics because there was a Coupon Commotion sale going on and then we went to Hancock Fabrics because the store was moving and getting rid of all of their inventory. Val found some good deals on flannel for more baby blankets. Sadly, I didn’t find much, but I did just buy quite a bit of fabric so I wasn’t too disappointed.

The rest of the day was actually spent sewing. Val made another receiving blanket.

Receiving Blanket


The kites are so cute. And the red it actually a pin dot.

Receiving Blanket


See? Cute, right?

Receiving Blanket


To finish the blanket, she added a decorative stitch of little bows which go so well with the kite theme. This blanket was so cute while she was making it that she could barely stand it. I love it when cute things do that to you.

After she finished the receiving blanket, she proceeded to iron and cut a lot of fabric for a quilt for her bed. This will be the first thing she has made for herself so it’s a pretty big deal.

I spent the first half of the day working on quilt backs. The rest of the day was on sewing another Staple Dress using black lace with a lining.

First, I had to modify the pattern because the XS is pretty large on me. It just gapes and gapes and looks awful. I modified the sides and shoulders by an entire inch and made a muslin. It fits SOOOOOOO much better. The lace went together fast even with the lining.

Staple Dress



Excuse my bland expression…and my socks. I’ll get better pictures later. It’s not hemmed yet because I’m still reading up on hemming lace. The lining needs to be cut a bit shorter and then I’ll hem that. Now that I have a pattern that fits me, I’m going to make quite a few more of these!

We both had a very productive day and I can’t wait until we get to sew together again!


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