Shirt #2

This is my third garment (for myself) and my second shirt! I had it all cut out and put it together last night.

Ruffle Shirt

Please excuse my picture taking.

The fabric is Amy Butler Soul Blossoms voile. I absolute LOVE how it turned out. The pattern is Burda 7379.

Ruffle Shirt

The construction is super easy. However, the instructions kind of suck. I am glad I’ve done a few projects before. Somebody out there; anybody; please help pattern makers explain a better way of sewing binding onto neck and armholes! If I wasn’t a quilter, I would be UBER confused.

Ruffle Shirt

I should not have been so intimidated by garment sewing. It’s just like quilting. If something doesn’t work or you don’t quite a understand, you either figure it out/make it up or Google it and watch a YouTube video. The fit will always be an issue, but I can deal with that. This shirt fit very well. I don’t think I would wear it without a belt or some way of tucking it in, but I pretty much do that with every shirt I own that’s not a camisole or t-shirt.

I also stuffed the truck pillows.

Stuffed Truck Pillows

These are all ready to go for Father’s day. I just need to get cards and gift bags.


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