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A few weeks ago I wrote about needing help for a work project. Well, that project is in FULL swing. When I’ve told people what the company is doing, they sort of look at me all weird. So you can read a press release about Operation Launchpad if you have questions. We pitched ideas on Monday and five were chosen. My coworker and friend, Nadine, pitched an AWESOME idea and it was picked! I basically threw myself at her so I could be on her team, which must have worked because I was put on her team!

Shop Fauna’s tagline is “Shop Local, Spend Consciously.” Nadine came up with the idea because she was having trouble finding local shops that sold clothing, jewelry, and home goods. The reason I thought the idea was so cool is that I’ve had that exact same problem. I love local fabric shops and craft stores, but so often I end up going to Joanns because I don’t know about the local shops. I had no idea Bon Bon Atelier existed until I attended my first KCMQG meeting. And last night at the December meeting, I learned about another local shop Urban Arts & Crafts. How did I not know about that????!!!!! There is not an online resource to find these shops in Kansas City. And the other websites from other cities basically suck.

Shop Fauna is not going to be just a website that lists all of the local shops in Kansas City. It will be much more interactive and social. Businesses will have their own pages where they can interact with their customers. Customers will be able to create profiles and leave testimonials on business pages, make lists of their favorite places to visit, and look for new shops. We want to open it up to all local, small businesses beside restaurants in the beginning and expand to restaurants later. I sort of think of it like Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter all combined with an extreme local vibe.

So, please please please sign up. And fill out the survey. And check out the Shop Fauna blog.

If you have questions, email, call, comment, whatever. I am sooooo excited about this business and if we aren’t chosen on Monday as a business that our company will pursue, I’ll most likely cry. I’m so attached to the idea and we have talked to so many cool businesses that are just as excited about the site as we are.

Happy Holidays! Buy your Christmas presents at local businesses!


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