Shot Cotton Dress

I made another dress! This is the Pleat Front Dress from Salme. I purchased it from Sew, Mama, Sew!.

Shot Cotton Dress

I LOVE this dress. The pleats are adorable. The fabric is awesome. I have to thank Betsy at Bon Bon Atelier for this outfit. She had a mannequin with this dress on it made from Liberty of London fabric. It was gorgeous, but since Liberty is a bit (err…WAY) out of my price range, I decided to make it in a shot cotton, which I purchased from Bon Bon’s amazing selection.

Shot Cotton Dress

This dress was also very easy to make even though the directions weren’t the best. This would definitely be a beginner level dress except for the instructions. You have to know a few things about sewing otherwise you could get really confused. For example, there are darts in this dress, but nowhere in the instructions are you told to sew the darts. The directions just assume a lot, which is fine if you have sewn before.

Shot Cotton Dress Pleats

I’m definitely going to make this dress again. I have some voile that I purchased from Bon Bon and I’m anxious to use it. I think it would be perfect with this pattern, although I might nix the pleats.

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    That dress looks awesome! You did a fabulous job.


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