Some FMQ

So you know all of those quilt tops I have completed but not quilted?

Well, I began quilting one of them. Actually, I began free motion quilting one of them.

To prepare myself for this experience, I took Angela Walters’ Craftsy class, read some blogs/tutorials/tips, and bought a few things.

My mom took both Angela and Leah Day’s classes. Leah suggested Machingers, a Supreme Slider, and Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers. So I bought all three.

I practiced on some muslin first, but not for very long.

Also, I spray basted and I have to say that I am VERY impressed. I’ve had some issues with basting and I think I’ve solved the problem.

Once I got started, it was surprisingly easy and it was going really well. Since my machine doesn’t have a stitch regulator, the stitches are FAR from perfect, but I think it still looks OK. There are also a couple of spots, mainly in curvy areas, where the tension was off, but I think that’s more me trying to go to fast than an actual tension issue.



There it is! Swirls seemed to go well so that’s what I started with.

This is the chevron quilt top. In the Summersville chevrons, that’s where the swirls are quilted. In between those in the solid yellow chevrons, I decided to quilt the up and down pattern.





I think I’ll quilt flowers in the borders.



You can’t really see the swirls on the top, but you can definitely see the up and down lines.

I think this chevron quilt is the perfect quilt to start with because of the rows. It defines areas and helps give you a guide for the FMQ.

I would’ve done a lot more FMQ, but at some point my machine just decided to stop cooperating. It would not FMQ without some serious tension issues. I’m not sure what happened. I did everything I could thing of. I cleaned out my machine. I changed my needed. I rethreaded and pulled out my bobbin. I raised and lowered my feed dogs. I turned my machine off and let it rest. And then I did that all again just to make sure but nothing would work. So I stopped the FMQ and went back to piecing another top and my machine worked fine. I’m hoping that when I go back to FMQ in a few days that it will work again. Wish me luck!

  1. Angela Walters’s avatar

    Great job on your FMQ!! A chevron quilt is a great start with all of it’s borders to stay in!! Hope your machine will cooperate a little better for you!!



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