Some Straight Line Quilting

I’ve been quilting…like the true meaning of the word quilting. I’ve had this crazy idea to do a bunch of straight line quilting on my star quilt.



It’s going OK. Some sections are better than others. With all of the quilting, I do notice some puckering in some sections. Am I thrilled with it? No. Am I going to pick it out? No. I’m going to deal with it and wash the quilt and hope that it isn’t very noticeable.



This quilt was basted really well, so I’m sure that’s not the cause of the puckering. I think it’s just the fact that it’s a lot of quilting, I”m using a walking foot, and it’s on my domestic machine. I’m going to switch to another foot and see if that makes a difference. In the past, I haven’t been thrilled with my walking foot.

In other news, I finished another cowl.



It’s heavier yarn than my last one. I have some more yarn and I plan on making at least one more.

Becky's Wonky Cross

This block came in the mail yesterday. Becky mailed it a LONG time ago. I thought I had gotten it because I had received a bunch of blocks in the mail, but I definitely did not get it. When it arrived yesterday, I was very surprised. For a moment, I thought that I had gotten a second block from her, but then I realized that I didn’t give her enough fabric to make a second block. So I went through all of the blocks and realized that I didn’t have one from her. The I looked at the envelope and there was a note that said it had been delivered to the wrong address. Becky had written the correct address, but the USPS messed up anyway. But it arrived…finally. And I started putting these blocks together last night, so expect a quilt top soon.

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    Lots of pretty stuff – you’re so versatile on your work and so daring to try new techniques and styles!



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