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I definitely do not need to start another quilt, but I didn’t have that great of reason not to. I had all of the fabric and nothing else I absolutely HAVE to do.



I had a fat quarter bundle of Tula Pink’s Prince Charming line. It’s been sitting in my closet for over a year because I love it so much that I couldn’t decide what to do with it. My Prince Charming bought it for me for Christmas one year. 🙂

I mixed in a bunch of my scraps and other fat quarters. I can’t believe how many fabrics I was able to pull from my tiny stash to match. The more and more I looked at the line, the more and more I fell in love. I already loved it, but I’m totally head over heels for the line. I’m just sad I didn’t get more and now it’s kind of hard to find. Oh, well. At least I will have this quilt.

Herringbone LayoutI’m making a herringbone quilt! I’ve been wanting to for a long time. I’m using the tutorial from The Crafty Cupboard. I’ll probably add a border to this quilt…I’m thinking a yellow, but I could be persuaded to a turquoise/green/teal/blue-ish.

It’s going to be an awesome quilt. And I already have plans for another quilt…

Churn Dash


My mom made this block. She’s making a churn dash quilt. I’m definitely going to make a churn dash quilt and I think I’m going to use my Simply Color by V & Co layer cake. I’ve found a tutorial for churn dash blocks using a layer cake, so I just need some solid to get started.

Since it’s April Fools, but I hate this holiday, I’m not going to fool you or play a prank or whatever. Instead, I’m going to show you an incredibly stupid thing I did this weekend.

ThumbI rotary cut my thumb…but not by cutting over it. I had my rotary cutter in my right hand and was holding it up in the air getting ready to cut. I’m not sure exactly what I did, but I somehow hit my left thumb on the rotary cutter while it was in the air in my right hand. As I said, I have absolutely no idea what I was doing or how I even accomplished it, but I did. Kind of like that time I burned my side with the iron because I was ironing my shirt in my bra and brushed up against the iron as I was walking past. I’m not always the brightest…

I hope you don’t get April fooled!



  1. Kim’s avatar

    Oh my gosh, that looks painful and I can totally relate. I do those kinds of things all the time!



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