Something Scrappy

Sorry my blog has been so ¬†quite these last few days. I had to go to the Los Angeles area for work and had quite a bit of catching up to do when I got back. However, thanks to the plane ride, I have some finishes! But I’m not going to show you those until later. Let’s talk about scraps.

I don’t like them.

Yes, I know I’m the weird one, but I just don’t like them. Just like I don’t like Christmas in July. I just can’t get behind it. Anyway, when I was on the mini retreat at my mom’s house, there were a couple of people there who were into scraps and scrappy quilts, so I gave it a go using the mile a minute method that my aunt demonstrated at the retreat.

Mile a Minute Block

I think the block is ugly for one. Two: It took way too long to put it together to get a 6.5 inch block on point. It is really easy, but it could get really tedious. And that’s the weird part. I LOVE tedious usually, but I’m not a fan of this. I think this block will be the lone scrappy block in my collection.

As for my scraps, I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with them yet. I’ll probably give them away. I don’t have room for them and I won’t use them. I know they come in handy for paper piecing, but I don’t paper piece that often and if I do, I’ll just cut into some fabric. It won’t kill me.

Now, my mom worked on these same blocks with some friends at another friends house using her stash that had fabric from like the 30’s and 40’s and up.

Mom's Mile a Minute BlocksHers look so much prettier.

Are you a scrappy person?


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