Sunday Sewing Potholders

I went to my first KC Modern Quilt Guild Sewing Sunday this weekend. I’ve been wanting to go for a long time, but I’ve always had other commitments. I planned this one out and told everybody I could that I was busy that day. It was fabulous! It’s an amazing feeling to be surrounded by others who love what you love and do what you do. We sewed, chatted about sewing, snacked, and discussed about other random life topics. Everybody made great progress. I whipped out these two potholders for our friends in San Diego.

Red and Black Potholders

Potholders Back

While we were visiting, I made dinner one evening and they did not have potholders. I was shocked! Who doesn’t have potholders? Two bachelors who were uprooted to a new city and given a furnished condo, that’s who. Apparently “furnished” does not include potholders.


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