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Our entire house is furnished with black furniture and glass. We like the contemporary style, but we have got to add some color. Luckily, our red couch will be here in a week! In the meantime, I’ve been looking at colorful decorations and knick knacks…and making placements. You are warned: They are wild! But I love love love them. Obviously they are not finished. They were a project that I started before the move and wasn’t able to finish. I was able to fully piece one. I finished the other three tonight. I’ll probably cut the batting and backing tomorrow and then maybe start sandwiching them. Luckily, they don’t require binding! I still need to try to get all of the pictures on the walls and I definitely need to make sure I get a workout in since we’ll be going to Hawaii in a few months, so I likely won’t be very productive in the quilt department.

Colorful Placemats

I also bought some fabric from a great website that was having a yardage sale. Please check out Burgundy Buttons. Also check out Cluck Cluck Sew, which happens to be my favorite quilting website/blog and part of my inspiration for this blog.

Fabric from Bugundy Buttons

Well, it’s way past my bedtime and I am seriously debating waking up early and getting my workout in during the morning so I can come home and quilt quilt quilt!

We are moved! Our condo is beautiful. The only thing left to unpack is the office/game room, which is Andrew’s job. I need to put up a few pictures and shelves, but for the most part, we are completely moved. It already feels like home. New home, new blog.

Of course, the first place I set up was my new quilt room/our bedroom closet. Andrew gets an entire room for his video games and our office. I get the closet, but that’s OK. It’s cozy. Plus, our closet is huge and even our insane amount of clothing barely takes up any room. I’ve never seen a closet with windows before so¬† it is the perfect space. Plus, I don’t know what I would put in an entire room. I hardly have enough fabric or notions or projects. Maybe someday…

I’ll add pictures of the entire place soon. For now, here’s a couple of my new sewing room!!

Closet Quilting Room

Closet Quilting Room