The Beast

I think I showed a picture of the sewing machine my mom recently purchased. It’s a beast. It’s a little scary.

Sewing Machine


You won’t believe how fast this thing sews. It’s serious. My mom won’t run it without somebody in the room. I don’t blame her. As soon as I can figure out how to edit and embed a video, I’ll show you how fast it is.

My uncle worked at a place that made canvas bags and a bunch of other stuff. When they closed down to move the plant/factory to Mexico, he was able to get one of their sewing machines. And then my parents got it from him.

Sewing Machine


Those are some serious on and off switches.

 Sewing Machine


It has to cool down. And when it starts up, it makes a pretty loud noise. The foot pedal is gigantic.

Sewing MachineIt has it’s own oil pan with special sewing machine oil.

Sewing Machine


Awesome, right? So far, my mom has managed to hem a pair of jeans. It would be great for canvas bags or leather. We need to do some research because we aren’t sure how to get a new needle. I didn’t take a look at the bobbin, but Mom said it was the same size as a domestic sewing machine. I find that silly because this things runs a lot faster than a domestic machine. I don’t know if it came with extra bobbins, but it would probably be a good idea to find out where we can get more of those.

It’s a fun new toy and hopefully it will come in handy.



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