The Finished Placemats…Finally!

Yes, they are done. There are actually four, but they are too large for all four of them to fit on our tiny table. The other two are at the bar.

Table and Placemats

Table and Placemats Side View

Bar with Placemats

I won a happy hour at Maker’s Mark in Power and Light for me and my friends. It’s tomorrow night. It should be interesting since I don’t normally drink. Two’s my limit so it’s sort of a waste of free/cheap drinks. Andrew and I invited a lot of people so it should be fun. We also get free/cheap appetizers so at least there’s that for me. I hate drinks that taste like alcohol so hopefully they have some fun cocktails and the waitress will remember to tell the bartender to go light on the alcohol in whatever I order. I’m a wuss. Wish me luck!


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