The Labor Day Weekend Hunt for Curtain Fabric

How many times did I visit a JoAnn store this weekend? I think it was three…maybe four. I can’t exactly remember. I was there a lot. I went on Friday immediately after work to avoid the weekend crowd and I got a new cutting mat, batting, and muslin. Then, I went with Kate…numerous times…to get curtain fabric for her apartment. We wanted 18 yards, but that was unreasonable, so we settled for 10, I believe. However, the JoAnn store closest to us only had a little over six yards, so we went to the JoAnn store in Independence. They had 11 yards! The curtains are no where near finished, but they are coming along and will be easy to finish once we have some time. Luckily, Andrew will be in Dallas next weekend for work, so I will have all weekend to work on curtains and quilt!

Curtain Fabric

On another note, here’s the complete Flames and Floral quilt.

Completed Flames and Floral

I started an Introductory Computer Science class. It’s an OpenCourse class through Harvard. The KC group meets everybody Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday to discuss the lectures and problem sets. My feeling is that it is going to take over my life, so my quilting time may be cut even more (if that’s possible). However, I’m enjoying the class so far and I absolute LOVE Harvard’s learning environment/culture. The class lasts until the beginning of December. I am hoping that I will have time to finish Christmas gifts. Yikes! It’s right around the corner.


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