The Local Quilt: House #3…And Some Random Stuff

The KCMQG had a sewing day this weekend and I chose to work on piecing House #3!

House #3


I was having a rough day. I sewed in the morning and was working on a robe and something was going on with the tension in my machine, so I ended up ripping and ripping and ripping some more. And that did not make me a very happy person. I started sewing this block and everything was going well, but I did end up having to rip out a couple of times due to my pure stupidity. I was just not with it. So for the rest of the afternoon, I squared up HSTs.

Then I went to see “West of Memphis” with Andrew. If you haven’t really followed the story of the West Memphis Three, then you need to Google it and start learning about it. I’ve been paying attention to it for quite awhile now and my emotions throughout the movie were just up and down. I’ve seen the first three HBO documentaries (Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills; Paradise Lost: Revelations; and Paradise Lost: Purgatory) and “West of Memphis” really tied the whole story together…with some new pieces of information. It’s scary. What those men got wasn’t justice and the real killer is still walking free. Plus, I can see how it happened. I’m from a small town. I dressed differently in high school. I was considered weird. I’m sure some people thought I worshiped Satan. I remember fingers immediately getting pointed at the poor kids or the kids who were different for a variety of crimes. It’s sad. And scary. And upsetting. I walked out of the movie both happy and furious.

On a happier note, Andrew is going to New York City for work. I was very proud of myself for not grabbing him and shaking him until he promised to visit Purl Soho for me. In fact, I didn’t even bring it up…he did. He asked if there were any quilt shops he should visit for me while he was there. My jaw just kind of dropped. He’s such a good boyfriend. Then I quickly told him all about it and started a Pinterest board for things I would want him to buy me if he is able to get away from work while he is there. I also Googled the address and showed him how to get there from his hotel…both walking, driving, and by the subway. I’m super jealous. I’m thinking I need some Quilter’s Linen and some of that amazing neon thread. I really hope he will have time to visit it.

And finally, I’ve been playing around with my hair for my sister’s wedding.



Andrew bought me that headband for my birthday. I really like the three gold strands. I’m still playing around with options, but I really like the idea of a headband.

As I mentioned before, sewing has been slow lately, but I’m hoping to have some time during the week to get back in my sewing room and hope that inspiration strikes. I do have a bunch of trimmed HSTs now…

  1. Kim’s avatar

    Love the headband, love the style of your hair with it, and of course, especially love the color! Welcome to the world of blondes! 🙂


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      Thanks! I’m excited to be a blonde. Any tips?


    2. Kim’s avatar

      Try to wash it only every other day – it’s amazing how much longer the color will last. Other than that, have fun!



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