The Local Quilt Top

I finished the final block for this quilt during a guild retreat last Saturday. On Sunday, while sewing with some other ladies who are working on this quilt, I finished the top. I told a lot of people this, but if the last block had been the first one, I probably would not have finished the quilt. Those trees are BRUTAL!

The Local Quilt


But I absolutely love how the top turned out. I left off quite a few of the borders in the pattern because I think this is going to be a wall quilt. I have to remove all of the paper before I quilt it or have it quilted. I’m inclined to have it quilted since there are so many seams in some of the pieces.

As a reminder, this is The Local Quilt by Carolyn Friedlander. If you like to paper piece and want something a little more challenging, then I absolutely recommend this pattern.

  1. Kim’s avatar

    Wow, that looks amazing – you can definitely tell a lot of work went in this quilt.


  2. Lesley’s avatar

    Thanks! It was a lot of fun!!


  3. Elizabeth’s avatar

    Congrats Leslie, it is fabulous!! I’ve loved seeing all of the different local quilts, they are all so beautiful!



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