The Only Time Kansas Troubles Will Make an Appearance On This Blog

Kansas Troubles (Moda) aren’t really my thing. I like bright, modern fabrics. However, Lynne Hagmeier, the fabric designer behind Kansas Troubles, spoke at my mom’s quilt guild and she picked up a couple of mini charm packs of her Cattails and Clover line. I needed a hand work project to work on and I wanted to learn EPP. My mom helped me get started and I just started with the mini charm pack. Of course, I wanted to finish the project, so I did.

Well, almost.



I think it’s going to be a table runner. I used two of the mini charm packs. I had my mom pick up a print from the line so I can use that as backing. I’m planning on hand quilting it with pearl cotton.

It looks small in that picture, but it’s pretty long. I’m not sure the exact size, but it’s definitely longer than 24 inches.

I’m excited to move on to a more modern and bright EPP project. Any suggestions?

  1. Sharon B’s avatar

    I’m looking for a new EPP project, too. I’m thinking of trying some diamonds instead of hexies this time.


  2. Lesley’s avatar

    Diamonds could be really fun! I also have a Dresden plate EPP project, but it’s in 30’s prints. I love it, but I also want to start something more modern.


  3. Becky’s avatar

    I have a pattern for Dresden plate, but every half is a different fabric. Makes it look 3 dimensional. It’s from a book by Vicki Bellino. She has some very interesting EPP ideas.

    BTW, I love what you did, even if it’s not your style.


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      I’ll have to Google her and look at some of her stuff. I really like EPP. I kind of wished I traveled more so I could have more time to do hand sewing.


    2. Debbie Meador’s avatar

      I love it! I’m going to ask for a lesson next time we get together. I can see you making something more modern and it being fabulous too!


      1. Lesley’s avatar

        It’s so much fun, Debbie! You’ll love it!



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