The Republic Quilt Retreat – Part 1

Once again, my friends and I have gotten together for a weekend retreat. It was over a year ago that my mom hosted our first one and we have come full circle and returned to her house. My aunt co-hosted since she lives in town. We all got there on Friday evening after supper, set up, and had show and tell.

Becky's QuiltBecky made this quilt and had it quilted. She had the binding sewed on and was spending the weekend hand sewing it down.



The quilting isn’t elaborate, but it’s still very stunning. I love how it has almost made it look like cathedral windows.

Marty's Quilt


Marty made this quilt. It was a mystery quilt and she purchased a jelly roll of batiks and this is what she ended up with. I believe she quilted it herself and it was recently displayed in a quilt show in Topeka.

Becky's Quilt


Becky made this quilt and it was one of the first quilts she worked on. I think. Correct me if I’m wrong, Becky. It’s a block of the month.



The fleur de lis quilting is awesome!

Debbie's Quilt

Debbie made that gigantic gorgeous quilt. She was also sewing binding on during the weekend.

Debbie's Quilt


Look at those tiny pieces!!!! This is such a beautiful quilt! I gave her some scraps and I love looking at the quilt and picking out which fabrics I gave her. I can see quite a few just in this small picture.



She had it beautifully quilted.



It is so intricate and detailed!

Mom's Quilt


Mom made this quilt for Robin and Dustin for their wedding. She just got it back from the quilter and was sewing on the binding.



I’m a really big fan of this quilting. It’s so simple but so elegant. The effect is fabulous!

After show and tell, there was a little bit of sewing completed, but we all soon headed off to bed because we were tired from working and/or driving and maybe just a little exhausted at the thought of how much fun we were going to have the next day.




  1. Becky’s avatar

    Actually, the batik quilt is a block of the month Debbie and Derenda planned several years ago while on their way to Colorado. However, the blocks were simple enough that it would be a great first quilt.

    Thanks so showing the pics of the quilts from the retreat and for recapping the fun things that happened.



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