The Republic Quilt Retreat – Part 2

On Saturday, we woke up, had quick breakfast of cinnamon rolls and fruit, and then got to sewing.

I worked on quilting (again) my Simply Color star quilt. Mom was sewing on binding. Becky and Derenda were hand sewing binding. Marty was secretly working on our swap gifts. Derenda was working on a PEO raffle quilt. Aunt Cathy was working on a spiral table runner. Marie showed up before lunch and she started working on putting blocks together for a quilt. Jean also showed up around lunch time and was working on needle turn applique. She had stopped by earlier in the morning to drop off cinnamon rolls but had to run into town so wasn’t able to join us until later.

We took a break for lunch. Aunt Cathy’s husband, Uncle Kent, made delicious hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. Then we got to celebrate Jean’s birthday!


We all sang happy birthday and then had our swap. If you remember, I made a travel sewing kit using the fat quarter that I received at the last retreat. There were some fabulous items that I unfortunately did not get good pictures of. Mom made an awesome bag. Debbie made a Halloween table runner. Kim made pot holders. Becky made two things – a twister wall hanging or table decoration and another wall hanging or mug rug or table decoration. Marty made us all very cute sewing kit boxes. Marie gave us all little purses. I actually have a picture of the purse.


Coin Purse


It has three pockets! Marie must have an awesome button collection because she also made a pin cushion and the button on it was so awesome.

Cec put together a purse kit complete with an adorable zipper purse pattern. Aunt Cathy made a press mat.

We played the game where you all draw numbers. Number one goes first and picks a gift. Number two can steal that gift or choose another…and so on.

I picked the salted caramel chocolates from Derenda. Debbie got Aunt Cathy’s press mat, which was great since she had won a mini travel iron earlier in the day. Marty got my travel sewing kit. Derenda received one of Becky’s items…the pink one, of course! Kim ended up with the twister mini quilt from Becky.

Becky's Swap Item

Becky's Swap Item

Becky ended up with the Halloween runner from Debbie. Cec got Mom’s bag which was kind of appropriate since she ended up with Cec’s kit to make the zipper purse. Marie took Marty’s gift since there was one for everybody and included it with her gift since she had something for everybody. Aunt Cathy got Kim’s potholders, which was appropriate since Aunt Cathy had suggested to her at the last retreat and earlier in the morning that pot holders should be her next project. Haha! And Jean got Marie’s pincushion. My philosophy is that you can never have enough pincushions and I think Aunt Cathy would agree with me. I have more than I need and I rotate them around so I’m always looking at something different.

Also throughout the day, Mom and Cathy had set up a drawing where everybody would eventually win a gift. They had quite a few wrapped gifts and whoever’s name was drawn got to pick a gift out of a basket. There were scissors, a mini iron, thread, and a bunch of other fun items. I ended up with some very cute embroidery scissors.



Cec found the Leslie pattern and had to get it for me even though my name is spelled differently. The pattern is really cool because it almost looks like a four patch, but it’s wonky. I think it will make a fun and easy baby quilt. Marty saw the chevron stamp and picked it up for me. These ladies are SOOOOO nice and thoughtful.

Stayed tuned for what happened after lunch.


  1. Kim’s avatar

    What a fabulous weekend! I love reading your blogs – it brings back memories of all the fun.



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