The Republic Quilt Retreat – Part 3

After the swap at lunch, we had a little time to sew and then our speaker showed up!

Yes, this retreat has gotten serious enough to have a speaker. It was pretty legit before, but now it’s for real legit.

Anvil Alpacas


Brenda Danielson and her husband, Ray, own an alpaca farm just a few miles outside of Republic. Aunt Cathy has helped take care of the alpacas before while Brenda and Ray were out of town and also does some knitting for them so she had the inside connection. 😉



I was not able to get a good picture of Brenda telling us all of her amazing stories about their alpacas, but that pictures gives you an idea of some of the stuff she brought for us to look at and purchase. I wish I crocheted more because I would have snatched up a skein of yarn in a heart beat. Alpaca’s make the softest yarn! The whole presentation was fascinating. Brenda gave a lot of history on alpacas and then told lots of stories about their funny and endearing alpacas. I’ve been out to the farm before to see them, but not recently. I’m going to try to visit the next time I’m home if the weather is nice. I seriously recommend that you visit their farm if you are ever in North Central Kansas. You can learn more about them and see some pictures at their Alpaca Nation website or in the Fence Post article where Aunt Cathy is actually mentioned!

After the presentation, we loaded up and headed into Belleville to Sew Country for their 21st Anniversary sale. We all bought something, but I ended up with some amazing 1/2 yard cuts.



The one on the far left is Portico by Dear Stella Fabrics. The two that look like shot cottons are actually peppered cottons by Pepper Cory for Studio E Fabrics. The are labelled as woven chambray. They are SOOOOO soft that I fell in love immediately. The shop had quite a few other colors, but I limited myself to green and dark purple. The teal chevron is from the Half Moon Modern line and it wasn’t even on the shop floor yet. I asked if they had some chevrons and they said they had just received some. I got the first cut!

After shopping, we went back to Republic and resumed sewing before dinner. Cec finished her purse.

Cec's Purse


I wish I could show you the detail because it’s awesome. You can sort of see the triangle dip pocket on the outside of the bag. It’s stunning and the fabrics are so fun!

Also watching over us, was Cec’s French General doll.

Cec's Doll


She also has the Isabelle doll kit, but Isabelle is not finished.

Kim finished a bag and everybody else kept working away on their projects.

Dinner was chicken or beef enchiladas and I skipped out early to visit my grandparents. When I returned, everybody was still sewing and we sewed until about midnight and then headed to bed.

Mom and Dad made biscuits and gravy for breakfast and we spent a lot of the morning helping Derenda lay out and sew together the top for her PEO quilt. I wish I could show you the quilt. It’s absolutely stunning and I’m totally copying it. I’m also getting tickets for it because I would love to have it. Dad and Debbie were arguing over who would win it. Once I’m able to show it, I will. Although I should keep it quiet because once you see this quilt, you will have to ‘buy’ tickets to win it because it’s so gorgeous and I should limit my competition. But I will be nice since all of the donations will go to a good cause. More on that once the quilt is complete and showable.


On a different note, look what I found sitting on Mom’s bay window! Doesn’t it look fabulous!

Around noon, everybody start heading out and our weekend was over and we were all very sad. However, we have a weekend planned for November and January so we always have those events to look forward to. I can’t wait until I get to hang out with these awesome ladies again!

[Pic of the group]



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